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Lime Petroleum to carry out tap issue on bond

Lime Petroleum AS has engaged ABG Sundal Collier ASA (“ABGSC”) to carry out a tap issue of up to NOK 50 million by utilising the option to tap the Lime Petroleum AS FRN Senior Secured Bond Issue 2022/2025 (ISIN NO0012559246) (the “Bond”) in accordance with the loan agreement for the Bond (the “Tap Issue”). Details regarding the Bond can be found in the Company’s press releases dated 22 June 2022 and 29 June 2022.

Lime Petroleum AS had in January 2023, raised NOK 250 million by tapping on the Bond.

About Lime Petroleum AS

Established in 2012 in Oslo, Lime is a 91.65 per cent subsidiary of Singapore-listed Rex International Holding Limited. Lime has since built a portfolio of licences focusing on mature areas close to existing oil and gas infrastructure. Lime was pre-qualified as partner company in February 2013 and as operator on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in March 2023. The organisation has vast expertise in oil & gas exploration and production, both from Norway and internationally. The company uses high-quality seismic data and Rex Virtual Drilling technology together with conventional seismic attributes and analysis of the petroleum systems in its exploration efforts.

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