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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Lime Petroleum Norway AS is committed to respecting your privacy.

As part of this continuing commitment, please find below a summary of how we collect, process/use, disclose and store your personal data.

  • Cookies: A cookie is a short text file that may be stored on your hard drive when you visit a website. The Lime Petroleum website uses cookies to help better your user experience and provide us with relevant website traffic information for ex. we use Google Analytics cookies. By using our website you are giving consent to the use of cookies.

  • Collection: We collect Personal Data only for what is required in business or in activities conducted by our organisation. We do not collect Personal Data randomly or indiscriminately without purpose. For example, your Personal Data is collected when you submit online queries or when you submit a job application.

  • Process / use: The data are used solely for business dealings with you.

  • Disclosure: We may engage other companies and people to provide services to visitors to our website and may need to share your data with them to provide information to you. In all cases where we share your data with such agents, we explicitly require them to acknowledge and adhere to our privacy and customer data handling policies.

  • Storage: The data are stored in a central email server.

If you have any questions relating to the handling of your personal data, please email us at Our website may contain links to third-party sites. This privacy statement does not apply to these third-party sites.

Thank you.

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