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Health safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) are integral elements in all our activities and our management system.


All operations where Lime Petroleum is involved as a licence partner shall be carried out with no harm to humans or the environment. We will ensure that the operators comply with rules, regulations, permits and license requirements, as well as their own management system and acceptance criteria. Lime Petroleum shall ensure the maintenance and continued development of a high level of health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ). The potential risks for major accidents and the working environment shall always be considered in conjunction to initiatives and decisions. Lime Petroleum shall given extra attention to current changes in the industry. All employees shall be involved in continuous improvement of HSEQ in Lime Petroleum’s activities and the working environment. 

Management System

Lime Petroleum’s management system is based on the principles of business excellence. Business results and results related to people, stakeholders and society are dependent on leadership, strategies and how we manage people, other resources and work processes. Understanding the interdependence between these elements is crucial for continuous learning and improvement.

Risk Management

Risk management is a key element in how we conduct our business. This includes identification and assessment of threats and opportunities and management of actions related to mitigating the HSE, operational, technical, financial, commercial and subsurface risks. We shall pay special attention to the uncertainty and knowledge dimension in risk assessments. When participating in the drilling of wells, the relationship between risk management and barrier management shall be ensured and the interaction between operational, organizational and technical elements in barriers shall be managed.

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