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Lime Petroleum farms down 10% interests in two North Sea licences - Completion

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Unless otherwise defined, capitalised terms in this announcement shall have the same meaning given to them on Lime Petroleum AS’s (“the Company”) press release dated 1 July 2022 (the “Press Release”), in relation to the Company’s farm-down by 10%, its 40% interests in licences PL820 S and PL820 SB in the North Sea to Vår Energi (the “Farm-down”).‍

Lime Petroleum refers to the Press Release and wishes to announce that the Farm-down had been completed on 31 October 2022 (the “Completion”).

Pursuant to the Completion, which will have an effective date from 1 January 2022 (a standard practice for licence transactions in Norway), Lime Petroleum now holds 30% interests in PL820 S and PL820 SB.


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