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Welcome to Lime on web

Lime Petroleum Norway shall establish itself as a key exploration player on the Norwegian ContinentalAs you are entering our website, we wish to welcome you and ask you to read more about who we are, what we do and where we are. Enjoy your stay here, and let's meet in the future!Shelf.

Our mission is to improve chances of success of exploration plays as well as to exploit the remaining resource potential in mature areas.

For 2012, Lime Petroleum's goals are to become pre-qualified for the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), to establish a baseline organisation in Norway, to apply proprietary technologies in the company's four existing asset options on the NCS in order to upgrade the quality of drill or drop decisions, to evaluate the option to participate in the 22nd round, and to consider farm-in proposals.

In the years 2013-2015, the company is to develop the organisation in Norway into a Corporate Geology & GeophysicsCentre of Excellence, have a portfolio with six license participations minimum, and to participate in a minimum of three wells.

Within 4-5 years, Lime Petroleum is to make2-3 commercial discoveries and is to participate in 1-2 exploration wells per year with 10%-20% working interest and in discoveries of gross 50-100 millionBOE (barrel of oil equivalent) per year.