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Rex Oil & Gas / Lime PLC completes 3D survey offshore Fujairah and Sharjah

On behalf of license holder Rex Oil & Gas  Lime Petroleum completed the acquisition and processing of a450 sq km 3D survey over its concession offshore East Coast Sharjah.

The objective of the survey was to map major structural features associated with conventional Middle East cretaceous plays.

In additional a large straticraphic feature of Miocen age has been covered.

The acquisiton of the data had significant challenges associated with anchored vessels outside Fujairah and Khawr Fakkanports, and fishing activity.

With excellent cooperation beween the SharjahPetroleum Council, the contractor BGP Marine, Lime PLC, the local Coast Guard and harbour authorities the survey was completed without incidents and at record time.

The seismic processing has been carried out by Spectrum Geophysical of Woking UK.

The seismic data quality is excellent and is a good basis for further mapping of the identified prospects.

Lime will over the next 3 months undertake a full review of the data, including geological evaluation, seismic interpretation, basin modeling and volume estimations.