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PL616 Haribo well update

Well 2/11-11 on the Haribo prospect in PL616 has been completed by operator Edison Norge AS. The well is defined as dry.

The well was drilled by the semi-submersible rig Transocean Searcher in a water depth of 70 metres some 10 km from theValhall platform in the southern part of the Norwegian North Sea. Drilling was stopped at 3,388 metres below sea level in the Upper Cretaceous Hidraformation. The high porosity reworked chalk reservoir was not found. However, the chalk sequence had zones with fair porosity albeit no permeability with traces of hydrocarbons and the well has been plugged and abandoned.

The licence further contains two oil/gas discoveries in the northern part. These discoveries are sandstone plays and broadband 3D seismic has been reprocessed to evaluate the discoveries and associated upside.

PL616 consists of Edison Norge (operator)25%, Noreco Norway 20%, Concedo 20%, Lime Petroleum Norway 15%, North Energy15% and Skagen44 5%. 

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Lime Norway is a wholly-owned subsidiary ofLime Petroleum Plc which is jointly-controlled (indirectly) by RexInternational Holding Limited (56.4%), Hibiscus Petroleum Berhad (35%), and Schroder & Co Banque SA (8.6%).