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Capital injection

Lime Petroleum Norway AS (“Lime Norway”) is pleased to announce that Rex International Investments Pte. Ltd. (RII) has on 5 April 2016 injected capital in kind amounting to USD 6.3 million into Lime Norway. The capital injection was made through subscription of 50,000,000 shares, each having a subscription price of USD 0.126.

Pursuant to the completion of the capital injection, RII holds 127,500,000 shares in Lime Norway, representing approximately 97.8% direct interest in the enlarged issued and paid-up share capital of Lime Norway. Lime Petroleum Plc, in which Rex International HoldingLtd has a 65% interest, holds the remaining 2.2% interest in Lime Norway. The Rex Group’s effective interest in Lime Norway is 99.2% after the capital injection.